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Whether you're a small home or a large commercial structure, no one can do what's best for your roof

like we can. With decades of experience, our team has the expertise you need to handle even the most extreme situations. From repairs to replacement, we'll go the extra mile for you and your needs. No matter what you're facing, our licensed, bonded, and insured team can help your roof look its best.

Every roof is an important roof

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There's no one better prepared to handle your roof than Simmons Roofing, LLC. We have years of

experience in achieving best design and implementing an affordable strategy

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icon flat roof1 EAU - Simmons Roofing (Commercial Rubber 5)top of EAU - Simmons Roofing (Commercial Rubber 10) compa EAU - Simmons Roofing (Commercial Rubber 13) EAU - Simmons Roofing (Commercial Rubber 12)A flat

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Competitor                  Simmons Roofing

"I have known Gene Simmons for over ten years and have used his company for three rather complicated roofing jobs.  Gene is an experienced professional who

carries out every job with the same

care, attention to detail and

dispatch.  He bothers to take time

with his clients and conducts his

operation in a way that produces

outstanding results and makes

Simmons Roofing an easy first

choice among contractors in his


                          - Richard L. Hilliker

These two roofs were built at the same time. Which will you choose?