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Did you know that your roof serves more purpose in keeping you dry? From climate control, to supporting your home's structure, the right roof can make all the difference. When you've lost shingles, are facing leaks, or need new a new metal roof, we can make sure everything is as complete as possible. Call today to see what we can do for you!

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Every roof deserves quality care. With our help, you can ensure you're getting the help you need for a rate you can afford.

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When you're looking for expert and affordable services, Simmons Roofing, LLC can take care of your every need.


•   Shingle roofs

•   Metal roofs

•   Steel roofs

•   Rubber roofs

•   Flat roofs

•   Roof replacements

•   Roof repairs

•   Residential and commercial jobs

•   Waterproofing

•   Patching

•   Insulation

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Municipal - Shingle

Commercial - Rubber

Industrial / Agricultural - Metal

Residential - Shingle

Commercial - Shingle

"I have known Gene Simmons for over ten years and have used his company for three rather complicated roofing jobs.  Gene is an experienced professional who

carries out every job with the same

care, attention to detail and

dispatch.  He bothers to take time

with his clients and conducts his

operation in a way that produces

outstanding results and makes

Simmons Roofing an easy first

choice among contractors in his


                          - Richard L. Hilliker